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An introduction to my new blog, and little bit about the future

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Introducing myself

I started programming at the age of 11, not many years have passed given the fact that I’m 21 now. I went straight with .NET and C#, then abandoned it and switched to Java on Android, then abandoned it and switched to Kotlin, then abandoned it and switched to PHP… well you know, costancy is not my strength.

Finally, after different personal projects, I decided to settle down with the Web, I learned Angular, and a lot of other technologies like HTML (seems easy), CSS (seems difficult instead), Javascript and its funny counterpart Typescript.

Photo of Typescript code

Not finished yet

As if that wasn’t enough, I started to learn Artificial Intelligence (what a word!), which is what I would like to do in the next future.

To sum up, that’s me, a young, dynamic, yet simple developer, that it can’t wait to write another line of code, and why not, learn something new.

What I’m going to talk about?

Obviously, programming!

I’ll write about what I learned until now, what I will learn, and I’ll try to teach you something. In particular I will talk about web technologies, like Typescript, Angular, Webpack, CSS, Node.js, and so on and so forth.

I hope to do all of that in the most simple way and while having fun!

I’ll publish monthly, so come back soon!